Team Meetings: If you would like to schedule a time to meet with us, please contact the guidance office at 375-8064.

    The Red Team!




    Math:   Thinkers due May 1


    Science:   study!!

              disease test Tuesday


    Social Studies:    none


    Reading:   none



    Bean ELA:        5 steps


    Jodush ELA:     5 steps


    Magro ELA:      5 steps




         R - Responsible

          E - Excellent

          D - Diligent

    Red Team Teacher Pages:




    Mrs. Hendrix - Math
             khendrix followed by @olean.wnyric.org
    Mr. Jodush - Language Arts, Science and  Health
             ljodush followed by @olean.wnyric.org
    Mrs. Bean - Language Arts and Social Studies
           abean followed by @olean.wnyric.org
    Mrs. Magro - Language Arts and Reading       
               mmagro followed by @olean.wnyric.org
    Mr. Wentz - Language Arts and Math       
              awentz followed by @olean.wnyric.org
    All students maintain an agenda. This is a “to do” list in which assignments, upcoming tests and projects are listed daily.
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